REI Adventures / Multisport Trips—New Mexico
New Mexico’s rusted hues and clear, blue skies have transformed visitors for centuries, providing spiritual refuge in an almost perfect combination of high-desert topography and captivating local culture. We experience it all on this active adventure, from climbing to the Alcove House high in the mysterious ruins of a once thriving Pueblo community to rushing through rapids at the bottom of the Rio Grand Gorge. As we hike the earth-toned mesas of Ghost Ranch and ride mountain bikes along the red rim of the Rio Grande, we’ll build appetites for the upscale eateries of Santa Fe and Taos. In between exhilarating fun, we linger in the enchanted, historic towns and Taos Pueblo, the longest inhabited
community in North America.

REI Adventures
/ Multisport Trips—New Zealand

One third of postcard-perfect New Zealand is either park or reserve. After hiking and sea kayaking in this rugged South Pacific island paradise, you’ll thank the outdoor-loving Kiwis for their foresight. On our big thrill tour of the South Island, we start in the “West Coast Jewel,” the seaside village of Punakaiki, hiking to unbelievably lush rainforests and secret limestone caves. We’ll trek into the “Southern Alps” to see Franz Josef or Fox glaciers grind dramatically downhill, and also tackle two other hiker “must-dos,” the Remarkables and the Routeburn. After getting our choice of adrenaline rushes in Queenstown, we’ll kayak where the dolphins play beneath beautiful Milford Sound’s plunging rock walls, and near white herons in Okarito Lagoon’s lush wetlands. Then we doze off counting sheep at an authentic shearing station after one last incredible hike near towering Mt. Cook. Our multisport trip is the absolute best way to experience the wild side of this fabulously diverse and beautiful island.

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prēngear.com (neoprene bags)
Look efficient and be that way, too, with prēn’s™ “single-meeting bag,” a slender protective sleeve with an innovative, integrated, shock-absorbing handle. Named for the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, the tasteful toscana lets you pack just your notebook and essentials for a meeting or a working flight. Pick your palette and snuggle your notebook into one of two perfect fits: the 15.4” for all notebook sizes up to and including that diagonal-screen measurement, or the 17” for all sizes greater. See the wide palette of distinctive colors on the “I want one” page. Then wait for heads to turn. Price: $39.95.

REI Guides
Marco—Costa Rica
We refer to Marco as our Pura Vida (“Full of Life”) guide. Born in the small San José suburb of Desamparados, he has been guiding trips for more than 10 years. Marco reads jungles the way some people read books. He has a tremendous knowledge of Costa Rican natural history and is especially adept at spotting wildlife of all types, even in thick rain forest foliage. His enthusiasm is contagious, which translates into entertaining days on the trail, unforgettable adventures and great memories.

Born in earth-toned Texas, Tim quickly acquired a taste for the green of Ireland. He’s been exploring the nooks and crannies of the Emerald Isle by foot and by bicycle for nearly two decades. Backed by his total devotion to and appreciation for Ireland, Tim is an exceptional guide. He adds a skillful blend of cultural discovery, outdoor exploration, and spreads of great food and local brew. Tim loves having a good time, and his sense of fun spills over onto every trail he hikes and each pathway he bikes. Today, he calls Ireland home—y’all.

Merriman financial management client
Houston Smith happily employed at 75
You can almost hear the cicadas as Houston Smith, a certified public accountant and personal financial specialist in Decatur, GA, describes a scene that explains why he still works fulltime at 75.
As a child, Smith loved playing basketball and would play well into darkness until he’d hear his mother call, “Houston, come in for supper, son!”
“That tells me the kind of guy I am,” Smith says in a soothing voice dipped with the honey of North Carolina and Georgia. “Once I find something I like, I hang on to it.” . . .

Maritime Training Services
Our history Founders
Maritime Training Services was founded in 1994 by Terry Bergman and Rick Titcomb. It was their vision to produce high-quality training tools to improve safety and understanding for mariners around the world.
The two men will never forget a note they got 20 years ago describing the loss of a young sailor who fell overboard. Had the sailor been trained, had the crew been trained, the young man might have been saved.
“I think about that often,” says Titcomb. “One little piece of information may save a life. I’m very proud of the fact that we are bringing cultures together and adding safety to areas that may not have had it before.” . . . Read all.

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JPMorgan Chase

Architecture InContext

Launched, edited and wrote for a monthly JPMorgan Chase internal newsletter.

“You have been a consistently collaborative and enthusiastic partner, a gentle but persistent editor, and a friendly voice across the geographic divide.” ― Newsletter contributor

“You have been a consistently collaborative and enthusiastic partner, a gentle but persistent editor, and a friendly voice across the geographic divide.” ― Newsletter contributor

Architecture Handbook
Edited a 12-chapter internal handbook for information architects.

Architecture handbook
“Sherry managed the production of the book, chapter by chapter, culminating in a complete 12-chapter book that is well edited and designed.” ― 2015 performance review