REI Adventures: Catalog and online copy

“It is a joy to read Sherry’s work and even more of a joy that I barely have any editing to do!”

lifestyle insights | real women. real life.: Profiles and blogging

“Storyteller. Writer. Wordsmith. Sherry has the unique ability to let the stories and profiles unfold in a natural manner yet uses a gentle guiding hand and her writing wit to reveal their true essence. She quietly questions, crafts and revises in her effort to capture the nuance of whatever topic or subject she has in her sights. Always reliable, easy to work with and open to feedback. A real gem.” − Robin Avni (Principal/Founder)

Merriman Capital Management: Client profiles, newsletter editing

“Sherry Stripling is known throughout our company as a great writer who can capture the personalities and attributes of the clients we profile. Every person she has interviewed has been delighted at the results. Sherry is gifted with a magic touch that’s rare.” − Richard Buck, Publications manager.

The Seattle Times: Feature and travel writing

“It’s no coincidence that Sherry’s stories at the Seattle Times consistently won major journalism awards. But they won something more − the engagement of readers, so that they would know in reading a Sherry Stripling story that they would come away learning something important about a person, place or thing in the Puget Sound region that would resonate deeply. To this day I have friends who lament the day Sherry left the paper − missing her stories’ real “heart” and soul. She is also a delight to work with, great to edit (though her copy honestly needs very little editing) and is a terrific and tireless self starter. I would jump at the chance to work with her again, in any capacity.” − Anne Hurley, Lifestyle/Pop Culture Editor.

The Seattle Times: Feature writing

“I looked back for the writer’s name and was not surprised to see it was Sherry Stripling. Her work is always a joy to read for its humor, warmth, clever use of words and real content. This was far more than a feel-good story; it was also a lesson in dog training, dog therapy and generosity. Hang on to that writer!”

Kinetix Living: Client profiles and copyediting

“Sherry was extremely sensitive in approaching the topic of weight loss. The individuals she interviewed were able to share their triumphs and self-discovery because of her thoughtfulness.”