A versatile writer to tell your story

Create lasting impact through clear and unambiguous writing and editing from Barnstorm Media.

With more than four decades of professional experience, including the first three as a journalist, owner Sherry Stripling has learned the power of storytelling – using compelling narrative with just the right amount of emotion and details to get people to care about the outcome of a challenge or triumph.

Use her writing and editing skills to:

  • Communicate key messages for support, adoption or executive buy-in
  • Show your unique ideas and services
  • Tap emotional power to create loyal readers, buyers or donors

Inspirational profiles

Always seeing your need

Always seeing your need

Once described by a managing editor as being a rare combination of “common sense and uncommon sensitivity,” Sherry’s thoughtful profiles have appeared in The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune and Self Magazine. She was honored twice with the Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing.

After leaving The Seattle Times in 2005, Sherry has written for websites ranging from retail travel adventures to financial management to nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. Her profiles of company principals – and of their clients – add credibility while helping organizations define their intentions and values.

Web and corporate storytelling

As a partner with Seattle’s FirstandUnion.com, Sherry learned the importance of content-driven web development and using clear wayfinding to ensure users can easily take the right action.

From 2010 to 2016, she worked as part of an internal Information Design team at JPMorgan Chase, using newsroom-style nimbleness to help executives and technologists tell their stories to promote innovative vision or new technologies.

Bonus points: Barnstorm Media can call on many of Sherry’s great former teammates to help with more complex projects.