Writing Voice 3: Hearing your voice as narration

October 18, 2016

Reading your writing aloud to pick up inconsistencies and make sure your voice flows smoothly is common practice. I got the rare treat of hearing how my writing voice sounds on film when I wrote and spoke the narration for “Winging My Way Back Home: The Stripling Fiddle Legacy.”

This intro has evolved into the trailer for the film about my dad, Lee Stripling, as Seattle filmmaker Jeri Vaughn works on the final version. It sets the tone but feels long, as if it delays meatier parts of the film. We welcome your suggestions.

Stripling Brothers Documentary from Jeri Vaughn on Vimeo.

“When you put your heart out to him, there’s his heart ready for you, and probably he goes first.” – Sandy Bradley, Northwest musician and the folklorist who found Charlie Stripling’s son in Seattle, helping my dad keep the music alive.

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