Writing Voice 1: Blogging helps define writing voice

February 10, 2010

I’m researching and writing about voice over the next weeks because of two sudden life improvements:

• I got hired for a lovely long-term job based on the strength of my writing voice.
• I finally get it why I blog.

Voice has always taken precedence for me over the loblolly of facts and other mires. I feel a strong, consistent voice introduces me to the host when I read so I know immediately whether I want to cross the threshold and sit.

I’ve had the same writing voice since grade school, give or take a little Debra Winger rasping. Speaking of acting, I can change the hue and tone on demand.

This new job wants playful and inspired: a relief. I’ve worried that clips in my portfolio might show too much fun for business writing or that I’ll never get a job again that relishes a story about the soaring cost of boat diesel told in pirate dialect.

Which leads me to finding the benefit of blogging for multiple sites: All that casual writing has dusted off my old conversational voice.

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