Launching storytelling venue for ‘lifestyle insights’

September 27, 2009

In the past two months, I’ve written a dozen blog entries and a dozen bios for the Sept. 27, 2009 launch of “lifestyle insights | real women. real life.”, a division of Robin Avni’s “lifestyle topics, insights and trends.”

lifestyle insights: real women. real life.

lifestyle insights: real women. real life.

Robin is an early escapee of traditional media, where she combined a rare eye for art and design with an ear for writing. I first knew her as art director for Pacific Magazine at The Seattle Times. I have since written for her in a variety of other capacities.

Now she is merging her past experiences – as an online pioneer with Microsoft, project manager, corporate trend consultant and writer – into new roles that include leading a team of lifestyle experts to develop corporate content for all media channels. I am happily on that team, as a writer and consultant.

I admire Robin’s vision, energy and the quality of talent she has pulled together for her all-woman team – food, home and garden stylists; green-building expert; filmmaker; food photographer; lifestyle and corporate coach; marketing/social media specialist; writers and editors.

My blog topics for our site fall under two umbrellas, “quality of life” and “utility player,” meaning I get to write about almost anything as long as I can spit it out under 300 words. For corporations, my writing will be more on-trend and market-specific but still lifestyle oriented.

Robin recognized a shift in communications between corporations and consumers. She knew most companies don’t have high-quality content teams in place.

Instead of ruing the loss of traditional media, we are taking advantage of the multi-channeled story telling opportunities provided by new media. After riding the downward trend at newspapers for years, this is an awfully nice position to be in.

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